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Kitchen Gallery

TarNat Homes kitchen design and installation, here at our gallery you will find some latest from traditional, contemporary  and modern design, we can make your dream kitchen just by calling us or apply on line.

Basically kitchen designers operate in two main styles. This may be modern modernist and never leaving a fashionable Olympus classic. Recently, a very popular variety of items of kitchen units, which are distinguished by there functionality and convenience. It is also necessary to choose and purchase various home appliances that will help any owner to turn cooking into a simple process that will take less time.

Kitchen in classic style

In the design of kitchen units in a classic style, taking into account the realities of modern life. Ultramodern equipment or embedded within, or installed equipment in a classic design that is quite modest decor and finish, and luxury with gilding, inlaying, texture and so on. Regardless classic kitchen furniture formed from natural material types with hand- finished and use a wide range of accessories.

 Kitchen Design

Design and style of your kitchen  depends on your taste and ranges from classical to modern. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the expressive forms of avant-garde design and quickly do out of fashion.

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The colour scheme of the kitchen 

Colours, like nothing else, pleasing to the eye, so the following important components of kitchen design – there is material and colours. In the kitchen to order, where there is a fever, cold tone appropriate – shades of green, grey and blue. In the dark is better established themselves pastel colours – shades of pink, apricot, lemon, peach, pistachio. It is advisable to avoid saturated colours, contrast, colours and motley pattern on the surface of the table, interior and walls.

Light in the kitchen 

The light in the kitchen – a very powerful tool in the hands of the designer, it is radically change the colour perception. Therefore, we recommend the use of other than common light of various illuminations. For example, the hight of the same fixture over the dining table, making it more festive with a high location and “family cozy” low. The main thing – to cover the spot light table surface.



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