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 Custom Home Exterior Design

Architectural custom home exterior design, creating an artistic image of the building – the process complex, multifaceted, requiring a deep and extensive knowledge, experience and, of course, talent. The best architects at all times respected. It is thanks to the people of this profession formed the features of all cities in the world. Today, individual custom home exterior design houses are in high demand, and special programs, as well as the division of responsibilities of the architect and engineer significantly expedite and facilitate this process. Variety of architectural styles, a wide range of finishing and building materials, modern construction equipment allow you to create a really interesting, challenging, impressive projects.

Exterior Design of the House

Exterior in the literature on architectural subjects called artistically designed exterior of the building. Custom home exterior design of the facade, as well as an associated territory and its elements: economic blocks, outbuildings, small architectural forms, such as arbors, benches, fountains, etc. Custom home exterior design and side must be done in the same style and create a unified whole, which is aesthetically pleasing to the human picture. In well-designed exterior design project takes into account features of the landscape area, the size of the building and its lighting, the architecture of the neighbouring houses, to pick up a harmonious colour palette and finishing materials facade.

To create a unique luxury exterior we use modern technology of stone carving. Natural marble, travertine and granite can stand for centuries and retains its original appearance.  Carvings, relief’s, columns, sculptures, frames, columns, balusters, cornices and other architectural details of custom home exterior design of natural stone made by the author’s sketches of our designers and architects with the use of high-precision equipment and handmade. Natural stone appearance will give your home the nobility, aristocracy, emphasizing the high status of its owner.

Work on the project exteriors of houses and different variants of facades require special knowledge, experience and artistic talent. Therefore, the design and embodiment design exterior home should engage a professional designer or architect who offer stylish, bright and thoughtful solutions based on your requirements and creates a 3D visualization of the exterior facade and in the professional program.


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